As a fifth generation plasterer, Mark Hardman is a fantastic example of the dedication found in the plastering trade “Professional Builder”

My career in plastering started when I was at school and wanted to save for a pair of Doc Martin boots. I would help my dad at weekends and during the school holidays even though I couldn’t lift the then 50kg bags of plaster.

My granddad said to me “if you stick at it, you will be the fifth generation” and I’m glad to say I have. I started my apprenticeship in 1981 at the age of 16 at the Manchester College of Building and worked for my father for 10 years until he passed away. I then took the decision to become self-employed and haven’t looked back since.

Plastering is a fantastic trade to work in; the work is so varied and no two days are the same. One day you can be boarding and skimming a luxury modern apartment and the next be carrying out fibrous restoration work or external rendering – every material and background is different.

To be a successful plasterer you have to be a people person. People make a judgement about you and your character well before they judge you on your work, so presentation and communication is key. And over the years, this presentation has needed to increasingly transfer online with many younger customers now ‘Googling’ you before they make contact.

Attention to detail is also crucial and this extends beyond your own work. Having a background-knowledge of the other trades that go before and follow you will pay dividends. Being considerate will not only help get the job done quicker but will mean you make more friends along the way. And in the trade we all look after our friends so you’re more likely to get recommended on the next job if you worked well together on the last.

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