Assessment feedback for Mark from a British Gypsum Trained Assessor

Mark is a very professional plasterer with years of experience working in the trade, Mark has excellent communication skills, which he backs up with an underpinned knowledge of the trade giving him the confidence to advise his customer about the correct materials for their contract

Mr David Winchester British Gypsum Assessor

With a family company dating back to 1891, it’s safe to say plastering is in my blood

I have often heard it said if you cut a Plasterer, he will bleed Gypsum

(Gypsum is the mineral from which all plasters are made)

The above statement must surely be true for the Master Plasterer

Mr Mark Hardman

On the 14th of March Mark received recognition for all his skills and hard over the years of working in the Plastering Trade with the

Prestigious title of Master Plasterer.

The Prestigious Title of Master Plasterer come as no surprise for a man who not only has spent his entire life working in the Plastering industry covering all aspect of the craft from basic simple plasterer work to more complex work like spinning circular cornice work on a bench then fitting in -situ.

Mark first started working in the plastering trade at the age of eleven working for his father at weekend for pocket money which Mark used to buy his first pair of Doc Martin boots, once he bought the boots he continued to work right up to leaving school at the age of fifteen he then started working as an apprentice plasterer working for his father

Part of Marks apprenticeship was to attend Manchester College of Building several days a week to develop his skills and knowledge of the plastering trade plus gain his City and Guilds qualifications, it was during his time at College that Mark won the apprentice of the year award

Once Mark had completed his apprenticeship he worked as a journey man plasterer in which time he continues to develop his skills and experience required to work independently as a plasterer, at first he worked with  his father then later he went working in Spain employed by a company who build bespoke swimming pools, this gave Mark the knowledge of working with different plastering materials that where available in the UK, once he returned to work in the UK he gained employment working for a bar fitting company , traveling around the UK from Scotland to Cornwall. Later he returned to his home village of Norley and  continued the family business working locally

Mark along with his siblings have managed to trace the family tree back to the 1700’s, and a direct link can be made that that his Father and Grandfather plus Great Grandfather, and Great, Great, Grandfather, all have been Plasterers and Mark is the eighth generation of Plasterers in his family coming from the village of Norley in Cheshire who have spent hundreds of years working around the Cheshire country side

So back to my initial statement

I have often heard it said if you cut a Plasterer, he will bleed Gypsum”

In conclusion Plastering must be in Marks DNA

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